Online criminals hate us. We protect you from attacks that antivirus can't block.
Heimdal PRO - Closes Security Holes

Close Security Holes
Automatically and Silently

Heimdal PRO scans your computer every 2h for outdated software. Heimdal installs updates as soon as they're available. It does so in the background, without interrupting your work. This closes security holes in your system that cyber criminals exploit in 85% of attacks.

Personal Dashboard:
Instant Security Status Overview

Get more control over the threats Heimdal PRO blocks to protect your system. Check the log for software patches applied, infections detected and websites blocked. See detailed activity from the past 7 days in an easy to use dashboard that explains what's going on.

Heimdal PRO - Instant Security Status Overview
Heimdal PRO - New Software Manager

New Software Manager:
Install Apps Directly & Silently

Save time and eliminate the hassle of installing new software. Just go to the Patching System tab, choose the app you need from over 20 options and install it with one click. No need to navigate confusing websites, run shady installers or risk getting infected with malware. Safe, easy and quick!

Multi-layered Protection

Heimdal PRO will actively protect you against the most advanced forms of malware around the clock. The intelligence behind it enables Heimdal to filter out threats before they reach your system. It will catch what your antivirus can't block and it will keep you up to date on how it's constantly closing vulnerabilities in your system. And if you're travelling with your computer, your protection will travel with you.

Heimdal PRO - Persistent Multi-layered Protection
Heimdal PRO - New Software Manager

Hassle-free, No Slowdowns

Cyber security is a need-to-have, but sometimes you just don't have the time for it. We understand. That's why we made Heimdal PRO so easy to use that you'll forget it's installed. It's light on your system too! You can automate software updates and an essential part of your protection, which is blocking advanced malware. And you can even set up your own proxy as an additional layer of protection.

Best Security Addition for your Antivirus!

Antivirus looks for files and actions, whereas Heimdal looks at traffic. Therefore, what we and they cover varies greatly. Heimdal prevents hackers from taking data from your PC and moving it out of your network.

Advanced Web Scanning Engine

Check out what others have to say

Alan Key

"In my opinion, Heimdal is the only anti-malware program you should need. I have had much fewer problems since I started using this program and I always get a green color to tell me my computer is 100% good and safe. It has given a couple of false positives but all programs do that. But I sent them a snip of the page they wanted to see and I will get to know what I need to do. I just love the way it works very silently in the background and updates what needs to be done and does not slow me down, as I am still using just 2GB RAM on Win 7 Pro 64, so if this program does not slow me or stop me from working or playing then I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend Heimdal to anyone and all. Thank you all at Heimdal for such a great program."

Povl Thim

"Very good service, instant response to Danger
I have had a few attacks, well attempts to attack, but Heimdal was on the marks right away, blocking access for the culprit. Heimdal Security were also very helpful with information on how to do the clean-up so I could continue to work safely.
A big Thank You Heimdal Security."


"Great stuff!
Works great. My vulnerable programs are kept under watch, and when there is a new version they are updated automatically. Would not want to miss it anymore."

Heimdal Pro
Heimdal PRO
Protects you from cyber-criminal actions by employing an advanced web scanning engine to keep you safe from notorious data and financial stealing malware, such as Zeus Gameover (P2P) and CryptoLocker.

Active Shield Against Ransomware & Malicious Content

Protection Against Financial Malware & Data Leakage

Silent Software Updates

Cryptoware Detection & Blocking

Cryptoware or ransomware is currently one of the most dangerous cyber threats on the web. This type of malware will encrypt the data on your drive and ask for ransom to unlock it. Heimdal PRO will spot and block cryptoware strains like Cryptolocker or TorrentLocker before they encrypt your data.

Malicious Look Up Blocker

Heimdal PRO looks for infected pop-ups, toolbars and other forms malware on each website you visit. If it finds them, it blocks the website. As simple as that. This keeps your system safe from adware, spyware and browser hijackers, which are frequent threats.

Anti-phishing Protection

Phishing attacks are a common method cyber criminals use to harvest your sensitive data. Heimdal PRO keeps your data safe because it checks every website you visit. If it spots a phishing attempt, it will block the website before it can lure you into its trap. This also works if you unknowingly click a malicious link in an email.

Shield Against Website Malware Distribution

Even legitimate websites can spread malware (unknowingly, of course). Attackers often infiltrate these websites by infecting banners or by script injections. Heimdal PRO identifies these threats and blocks them before they compromise your system. Sometimes, Heimdal will only block the infected banner or web page, so you can still access the rest of the website.

Internet Traffic Filtering

Cyber criminals are very good at disguising their infected websites so visitors can't tell they are rogue. But they can't fool us! Heimdal PRO checks every web destination you visit to see if it's safe. If it's unsafe, it will display a block page, to keep you safe.

Pervasive Protection

Heimdal PRO ensures that you are protected everywhere you take your computer with you. It's the perfect supplement for your antivirus solution, which offers reactive protection. Heimdal PRO works proactively and constantly to make sure your system and data are safe.

Personal Dashboard

You get full control over your Heimdal PRO settings in your personal dashboard. This is also where you can find detailed statistics and an overview of the vulnerabilities in your system. Easy, user friendly and effective.

Zero Day Malware Protection

Zero Day vulnerabilities are security holes that appear in an application that the app maker is not aware of. Cyber criminals rush to exploit it before an update is released. Heimdal PRO protects you from these type of attacks based on deep knowledge of cyber criminal infrastructure. Heimdal protects you from Zero Days by blocking the communication between your system and the infected web pages, servers or other malicious online locations.

PC Lockdown

Some cyber attacks are especially powerful. If a cyber criminal or malicious software tries to compromise Heimdal, communication between your system and infected servers will be blocked immediately. This prevents data leakage and the infection from escalating.

Extensive and Specialized
Malware Database

Heimdal PRO relies on a specialized malware database which harbours information about malicious infrastructure. Because of this Heimdal PRO can shield you from financial malware threats which are often very sophisticated. Extensive knowledge about 2nd generation malware, such as, CryptoLocker, Dridex or other advanced variants, is also included for your protection.

Security Against Advanced
Exploit Kits

Exploit kits are malicious toolkits attackers use to take advantage of vulnerabilities in your system. These exploit kits help spread malware and often go undetected by traditional antivirus products. Some don't even drop files on your system, so they're very difficult to spot. But Heimdal PRO can catch and block them because it knows where the attacks come from.

Online Banking Security

Financial transactions are the main target cyber criminals aim to compromise. That's why Heimdal PRO checks your Internet traffic in real time to identify such threats. If it does, Heimdal immediately blocks financial malware from sending sensitive data, such as passwords or credit card details, to malicious servers or websites.

Active Protection Against Data Leakage

Some types of malware will try to harvest confidential data, such as credit card information and passwords, to use them against you. Heimdal PRO identifies these data leakage attempts and blocks the transfer. This way, your sensitive data never leaves your system and remains safe and sound.


Forget about all those update pop ups on your computer! Let Heimdal PRO take care of keeping your software up to date automatically. It will install updates as soon as they're available, so you're never exposed to cyber attacks that target your apps.

Free Support

Looking for help? Just go to our support page and find product guides and answers to the most frequent questions asked. Also, our team is just one email away. Easy and effective!

Silent Vulnerability Blocking

Cyber criminals exploit security holes in outdated software in 85% of attacks. Heimdal PRO will install updates in the background and will never interrupt your work. That means that you can enjoy enhanced protection without lifting a finger.


Attackers move quickly when a vulnerability appears, so they can hit before a solution is applied. But Heimdal PRO moves even faster. It scans your system for outdates software every two hours and delivers the update as soon as it's available.

Patched Software

Here is the list of vulnerable applications Heimdal PRO monitors and updates for you:

Adobe Shockwave

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Flash Plugin

Adobe Air




Microsoft Silverlight




and 15+ others

See Heimdal PRO in action

Heimdal Pro in action
System Requirements
Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit)
Windows 8.1 (32 and 64 bit)
Windows 8 (32 and 64 bit)
Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1*
25 MB disk space
Local administrator rights during installation
User rights during execution
Internet access
Heimdal Pro
*If .NET Framework 4.6.1 is not already installed, Heimdal will automatically download and install it.
12 Million +
15 Million +
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