Heimdal deploys an innovative protection technology against data and financial malware to keep hackers at bay. Employing traffic and usage algorithms, rather than relying just on signature and access detection, Heimdal offers a comprehensive level of protection compared to traditional antivirus products.

Feature overview

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Patch-me-up Silently

Keeps your vulnerable applications up-to-date to protect your system from security risks. This includes Java, Adobe Flash Player, Quicktime, Adobe Reader and many others.

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Private Data Security

Real-time checks of your internet traffic for personal and/or corporate data, sent to a malicious server, computer or network.

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Financial Security

Real-time checks of your internet traffic, to block sending data such as passwords, credit card info or PIN codes to a malicious third party.

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Malicious Lookup Blocker

Makes sure that your computer does not communicate with malicious computers, servers or networks to avoid infections or data loss.

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PC LockDown

Upon a hacking attempt, Heimdal will take your computer offline and your computer will be unable to transmit data over the internet.

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Anti-phishing Protection

Checks the sites you visit and blocks access to phishing websites – even if you click a malicious link in an e-mail.

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InSite Defence

Protects you from infections even on safe websites, which unknowingly contain malicious content, e.g. banners or scripts. It helps to protect you in case the website itself is infected with malware.

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Extensive Financial and Data Malware Database

Includes the unique Heimdal Security database focused on financial malware, which is unparalleled in the security industry.

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Behavioral Malware Scanner with Traffic Analysis

This 2nd generation behavioral detection scanner checks both your computer memory and internet traffic for malware and combines it with traffic analysis. This makes it possible to look for new threats, which have not been discovered yet.

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We will assist you with any problem you may have.

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Management Interface

Provides centralized management for all your Heimdal workstations. It integrates with Windows Active Directory and group policies.


Gives you a centralized overview of your Heimdal clients from a single online interface and indicates which systems are infected and which are vulnerable.

MSI Installer

Heimdal can be deployed via an MSI based installer.

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