The Ultimate Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution For Endpoint Security

Thor AdminPrivilege™

Manage user permissions easily, handle all requests and strengthen your endpoint security with
truly innovative access governance.


Why Is Insider Threat So Dangerous?

Gartner warns that managing user rights (through PAM) should be the no. 1 security priority for all organizations.

Global data provided by the FBI and Europol estimate that cybersecurity losses caused by insider threat amount to over $9 billion, and the numbers keep rising. Modern day hackers attempt to access sensitive company accounts and data by compromising those user accounts with a high degree of privileges.

Allowing all employees admin rights by default is an infinitely dangerous oversight and can make your organization a target.

Why Privileged Access Management Is a Scalability Priority?

The modern workplace needs Privileged Access Management (PAM) tools in order to automate the hassle of granting admin rights for a limited time for every user who needs them. Without a reliable PAM solution, the workplace can slip into chaos as system admins fill their time with manual approvals and installs.

But a truly next-gen Privileged Access Management tool is also vital for scalability. It’s not just about managing user rights, but also about the fast flow of software installs....

about logs and audit trails, about achieving data protection compliance and more.

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Why Thor AdminPrivilege™?

Now, admin rights management is made easy with our next-gen modular PAM software which helps your organization achieve not just better cybersecurity, but also full compliance and higher productivity.

Here’s what the most innovative Privileged Access Management solution on the market can do for you.

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Flawless Access Governance within a Modern Cybersecurity Infrastructure.

Managing user permissions and their access levels is not only a matter of saving the time of your employees but a crucial cybersecurity infrastructure project.

Gartner ranks Privileged Access Management (PAM) as the number 1 security project all organizations should undertake.

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Centralized Dashboard for Admin Requests and Automatic Approval Flows.

Your system admins will be able to approve or deny user requests from anywhere or set up an automated flow from the centralized dashboard. Furthermore, Thor AdminPrivilege™ is the only PAM solution on the market that automatically de-escalates on threat detection.

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Immediate and Unified Cybersecurity in a Scalable Suite.

The Thor AdminPrivilege™ PAM solution can easily be integrated with any other Heimdal™ Security module or product and gains new insights as it connects to them.

Thanks to its smart integration, it is the only PAM solution in the world that can de-escalate privileges on infection or threat detection (IOA / IOC).

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Thor AdminPrivilege™ Key Benefits

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Protect Your Organization Against Data Breaches and Insider Threat:

Most of the time, enterprise-level cybersecurity breaches are caused by people. Even if most employees cause these breaches unintentionally, the occurrence of human-based security incidents is very high.

Social engineering hacks like phishing attacks, malvertising campaigns, CEO fraud, business email compromise and so on – they all rely on the weakest link in your organization: the people.

Cybersecurity breaches caused by insider threats amount to $8.76 million per year and the figures are expected to grow.

Security breaches caused by insiders are hard to detect by system admins who lack a centralized view of each endpoint’s activity and permissions use.

With Thor AdminPrivilege™, your system administrators make sure that users don’t accidentally allow hackers to access your endpoints and networks, by easily verifying and approving each request from the central interface.

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Save significant amounts of time for both system admins and users

The best employee care and employer branding? Showing concern for their time and enabling less bottlenecks in their workflow.

Fast-track all admin rights grant and removal processes. Eliminate manual escalation of rights from your networks.

Liberate large chucks of employee time for more productive and creative tasks.

Time optimization, higher productivity and greater employee satisfaction – that’s the Thor AdminPrivilege™ promise.

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The Thor Adminprivilege™ Module Fits Perfectly into our United Threat Dashboard.

Even though it’s available as a stand-alone as well, you can further empower the Thor AdminPrivilege™ module to watch over your cybersecurity.

Revolutionize your cybersecurity and maximize your ROI by building upon any Heimdal™ Security product with more solutions and technologies according to your needs. You will not only benefit from flawless protection, but also unlock incredible scalability features and save time for your system admins.

How does it all work together?

Both our reactive Thor Vigilance Enterprise (that works at file level to detect infections) and the proactive Thor Foresight Enterprise (that works at traffic level to detect IOC / IOA) are fully integrated with Thor AdminPrivilege™. Therefore, when you use either of them, the PAM dashboard will get valuable intelligence translated into quick signals to automatically de-escalate the problematic endpoint.

Admins will be notified that an endpoint asking for admin rights has been flagged by Thor Foresight or Thor Vigilance. This way, they can choose to investigate the request more carefully.

In turn, the valuable intelligence gathered by the code-autonomous protection modules will be fed back into the suite through our innovative AI and ML algorithms.

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Better tracking of endpoint history and faster incident detection

More than a PAM solution. Experience a cybersecurity and productivity revolution

From the AdminPrivilege™ dashboard tab or on mobile, system administrators will be able to:

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View User Requests.

View all user requests and grant (or deny) them for a customizable time window.

Request Approval Image

Fast Request Approval.

Approve the software install or update that the user is requesting with one click.

History Request Image

Check the history request.

Check the endpoint’s history of requests (full audit trail).

Block Elevations Image

Block Elevations.

Automatically block the elevation of rights for an endpoint if it has suspicious behavior.

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Boost the Security.

Collaborate with the rest of Thor Enterprise’s cybersecurity tools for overall stronger intelligence.

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Thor AdminPrivilege™ Features

Enjoy truly intelligent cybersecurity, immediate and unified, while managing privileged access in a revolutionary way.



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Manual Rights Logo

Sys admins need to modify user access levels to more privileges and less for each request.

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The most permissive but dangerous policy, that leaves sys-admins unbothered but makes your systems vulnerable .

  Admin Privilege management (PAM)

Admin Privilege management (PAM)

Centralized admin rights escalation/de-escalation
Centralized admin rights escalation/de-escalation
  Protection against insider threats
Protection against insider threats
  Faster detection of data breaches
Faster detection of data breaches
  Easy user elevation whenever needed
Easy user elevation whenever needed
  Ability to cancel granted privileges at any time
Ability to cancel granted privileges at any time
  Approve/Deny escalation via the Heimdal Dashboard
Approve/Deny escalation via the Heimdal Dashboard
  Approve/Deny escalation via mobile app, from any location
Approve/Deny escalation via mobile app, from any location
  Pre-approval of escalation (Auto-pilot mode)
Pre-approval of escalation (Auto-pilot mode)
  Ability to select period of privilege grant
Ability to select period of privilege grant
  Ability to grant privileges for specific files and installers
Ability to grant privileges for specific files and installers
  Pending escalation overview
Pending escalation overview
  Logs of user rights access
Logs of user rights access
  Logs of files executed
Logs of files executed
  Auto-deny/de-escalate admin rights on infected machines*
Auto-deny/de-escalate admin rights on infected machines*
  Full Audit trail
Full Audit trail
  Simple Group Policy Setup
Simple Group Policy Setup
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