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Cyber protection with Heimdal XDR

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Key Benefits

Heimdal - The only XDR Platform you will ever need for unparalleled protection

Whether you’re dealing with complex, multi-vector attacks or advanced malware infections, our platform has you covered. Don’t wait until it’s too late - experience the power of our unified, cloud-delivered XDR platform and protect your organization from cyber threats.?>

Unified Security

Our XDR platform provides end-to-end consolidated security, which is different from traditional point security solutions that operate in silos. This seamless integration allows for complete visibility across your entire IT infrastructure, leading to faster and more accurate threat detection and response. As a result, the time to detect and remediate security incidents is dramatically reduced.

Supercharge Detection & Response

Our XDR offers a unified high-fidelity view of your IT enterprise and advanced AI/ML-based detection capabilities, which enable it to detect threats faster and more accurately than traditional security solutions. It also allows for automated response actions to be taken quickly, reducing the time it takes to detect and remediate security incidents.

Reduce Complexity & Costs

Our XDR, integrated into the Heimdal Unified Security Platform, reduces complexity and costs by consolidating multiple security technologies. This simplifies security management and eliminates the need for multiple disparate solutions. The result is lower costs and better utilization of your SecOps and IT resources.

Awards and Achievements

Teis Awards 2024 Best Vulnerability Management Solution Runner Up Heimdal Security
Computing Security Excellence Awards 2023 - Risk Management Award Winner
Expert Insights - Top Solutions 2023 logo
Sourceforge Top Performer Logo

Heimdal XDR

One Platform. Total Security.

One Platform,
Total Security.

Experience the Power of Heimdal XDR the Unified Security Platform that Delivers Comprehensive Protection against Next-gen Threats

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