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Offer of Heimdal™ Threat Prevention and Patch & Asset Management software

The Heimdal™ Threat Prevention and Patch & Asset Management software is suitable only for use with MacOS 10.13 - High Sierra and above: 10.14 – Mojave and 10.15 – Catalina, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 operating systems (full details of supported operating systems can be found here.

On registration for the software, Heimdal™ Security, who own the Threat Prevention and Patch & Asset Management software and its intellectual property rights, will provide you with a licence key that is required to activate and use the software. The licence key will be provided via an email sent to you by Heimdal™ Security.

The licence key is time limited - on receipt of the licence key you will have three (3) months to activate the software. The licence you receive under the NatWest offer is limited to use the software on 10 PCs - if you require the software to be used on more than 10 PCs you will require to purchase a further licence from Heimdal™ to use the software on the additional PCs.

Before you activate and use the software, please ensure that you read the Heimdal Licence Agreement and Privacy Notice. The Licence Agreement sets out the terms for your use of the software - if you don't accept them, do not use the software.

If the software doesn't perform to your expectations and you suffer loss, your right to redress will be limited to Heimdal™ Security to the extent provided for the Licence Agreement. You will have no right to seek redress from NatWest as by your using the software you also accept that your sole remedy, if any, for redress is against Heimdal™ and not NatWest.

Duration of your 'free' licence - the Licence Agreement gives Heimdal™ Security the right to end the licence, without giving a reason, on three (3) months notice. Additionally if, at any time, NatWest decide not to renew their arrangement with Heimdal™, your licence will not be renewed at its next annual renewal date (unless you agree with Heimdal™ Security that you will pay the renewal fee) .

You will be given at least three (3) months notice if this happens. NatWest will not have any obligation to you to provide substitute software from a different supplier.