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Heimdal™ Security acquires BasicBytes and launches Thor AdminPrivilege™

In a move that will change the work lives of sysadmins for the better, Heimdal Security A/S has acquired the BasicBytes IVS. All shares of BasicBytes are now owned by Heimdal™ Security, as part of Heimdal’s long-term strategy of changing the standard of endpoint security.
Heimdal has spotted great potential in BasicBytes’s fast-growing technology and aims to capture significant market share by offering innovative and mind-changing technologies. Heimdal™ plans to further develop the technology and will launch unique technology combinations with Endpoint security technology and Privilege Rights Management working in tandem; and is now working on Thor AdminPrivilege™, a new product for system administrators, to be launched soon.

Morten Kjaersgaard, CEO Heimdal Security details:

“While pursuing Heimdal Security’s expansion plans, AccessDirector (previously developed by BasicBytes) will be developed into AdminPrivilege™. As part of the acquisition of AccessDirector, we will expand its abilities within administrative rights management and combine it with our existing Proactive and Reactive protection technologies, to deliver a unique, highly advanced and yet simple product offering, that to the furthest extent possible will run autonomously.

We want to offer a groundbreaking change in the way system admins handle security tasks and simplify security in organizations.

Our strategy of making advanced endpoint security made simple and our ambition to expand our portfolio, is what made us to see that BasicBytes deserved a place in the Heimdal Security family. The technologies developed by BasicBytes so far will be enhanced to the Heimdal standards and aligned with our cybersecurity agenda.

Together with AccessDirector, the following products have also been added to the Heimdal Security resource vault following the acquisition of the BasicBytes company: RunAsHandler, Easy Click Assistant and CM Tray Tools.

The first on our development roadmap is the AdminPrivilege™. This new product will first be integrated into the Heimdal Dashboard, available for the users of Thor Enterprise products. The expected release date for the new AdminPrivilege™ integration is November 2019. Still, until the new product is launched, the existing BasicBytes product will still be available for sale.”

How will AdminPrivilege™ work?

The new functionality will allow system admins to manage privilege permissions for users in their organization easily and securely. From the Heimdal™ Dashboard – AdminPrivilege™ tab or on mobile, system administrators will be able to view what permissions the users in their organization are asking for and grant (or deny) their privilege requests. Furthermore, this can even be run in “Auto-mode”, so that users actions are logged with a full audit trail, but can run without individual approval of actions – even combined with the protection suite offering, so that high-risk users are blocked from escalation automatically. No more manual enabling and disabling, no more time waste – that’s the AdminPrivilege™ promise.

The level of permissions which will be managed by AdminPrivilege™ will also be granular, stratified and complex enough to allow admins to maintain a secure level of control over what happens. As indicated, it will have a unique market offering, giving the option of denying requests coming from a specific endpoint in their organizational network if Thor Vigilance (Next-Gen Antivirus) or the VectorN Detection engine (Thor Foresight’s machine learning detection) has flagged that endpoint as displaying suspicious behavior during a past number of days.

AdminPrivilege™ will give granular control to user rights such as:

  • Allowing or Stopping “Run as administrator” or “Administrator Rights” privileges;
  • Specify a written reason for each permission request (or not);
  • Get permission to run their processes as admin or not;
  • Get a limited time window for admin privileges on their endpoint;

Based on all the insights provided by the other tools within the Thor Enterprise security suite, admins will be able to:

  • Remove permissions fast and quarantine the endpoint;
  • Block elevation of system files;
  • Enable email and/or Application alerts for each pending approval;
  • Enable approval via Dashboard or via mobile

The history of each user and endpoint will be securely tracked and available to view in the dashboard so that admins can keep an eye on things and potential security incidents can be better documented.

We’re anxious to embark on this journey, starting from the base technology layer from our new acquisition, BasicBytes, and moving forward into plenty of other applications for a more granular vigilance and control over security.

“The AdminPrivilege™ functionality and dashboard is just a first step into this journey. After this launch more innovations are to follow on the Heimdal Security roadmap for the rest of 2019” – Morten Kjaersgaard, CEO of Heimdal Security.

You can read more about the new AdminPrivilege™ product here

You can find the Danish version of this announcement here