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Heimdal Security’s Thor Foresight Enterprise, now available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AppSource

Microsoft customers can now benefit from a cost-effective and modular endpoint solution that features EDR and other essential threat hunting tools

Thor Foresight Enterprise, the endpoint security product previously known as Heimdal CORP, is now available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AppSource, the platform where customers can reach new-line-business apps for their industry. 

This is a great addition to all Microsoft customers, who can now benefit from a cost-effective and modular endpoint solution that features EDR and other essential threat hunting tools.

Thor Foresight Enterprise is based on unique traffic-based malware detection capabilities that make it possible to map out the critical endpoints in the business environment.      

The company has migrated from Microsoft’s internal catalog for Partners offer to the cloud marketplace, which is an excellent selling tool and a great way to accelerate business growth.

The cloud marketplace can also provide more opportunities for Heimdal Security to expand its security solutions and attract even more customers across different global regions. 

Achieve proactive security and enhance your existing solution with Thor Foresight Enterprise, the Next-Gen Threat Prevention suite for your endpoints. 

Advanced malware is specially created to bypass traditional antivirus detection and can sneak through the gaps, but, with Thor Foresight Enterprise’s proactive, not just reactive approach, your endpoints and networks will remain secure.

The proprietary DarkLayer Guard feature brings unique traffic filtering to prevent endpoint compromise, block malicious Internet traffic and eliminate the risk of data leakage.   

Using machine learning technology to adapt to evolving threats, the VectorN Detection module will block all incoming and outgoing communications to malicious servers and networks.  

With the powerful X-Ploit Resilience feature, Thor Foresight Enterprise will automatically apply available updates for software apps, eliminating security-holes in third-party software. This way, the vulnerabilities commonly targeted during attacks are eliminated automatically, adding cost-effective resilience to the enterprise. 

With Heimdal Security publishing its solutions in the Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace, we mark an important milestone to be replicated across the partner ecosystem, that contributes to the new era where Microsoft is increasingly becoming the channel for its partners, said Radu Stefan, Microsoft ISV Business Development Manager for Heimdal Security.  

Heimdal Security’s Thor Foresight Enterprise, winner of Anti Malware Solution of the Year at Computing Security Awards 2018, is a revolutionary approach to endpoint security.

Uniquely built to combat next-gen malware, ransomware, and other enterprise threats, it provides both the opportunity to automate vulnerability management and essential threat hunting tools like EDR, while being fully compatible with existing enterprise solutions.

For more information about Heimdal Security or to speak to our specialists about THOR Enterprise, please contact us by emailing sales (at) heimdalsecurity (dot) com or calling +45 7199 9177.