Code Autonomous Protection™

At Heimdal, we believe in a new way to protect your data and endpoints.

Our security model marks a milestone in the IT industry as:
Organizations realize that reactive protection is no longer enough
And 2nd generation malware keeps getting stealthier and more invasive.
Heimdal Security Code Autonomous Protection

Take the proactive approach

We engineered Heimdal to identify and block cyber attacks based on filtering your endpoints' Internet traffic. This is possible due to the deep and extensive knowledge of cyber criminal infrastructure embedded into the product.

In contrasts to all other endpoint products, Heimdal CORP does not focus on the code of the threat. It doesn't rely on traditional virus definitions or signatures.

Heimdal is a shield against cyber threats, no matter their type. This is what Code Autonomous Protection™ is all about.

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Fill the gap in your security strategy

Heimdal CORP puts you in control of the situation. Use the actionable intelligence about your vulnerable endpoints to prevent breaches and ensure business continuity.

Choose to act instead in of reacting.

Heimdal filters out cyber threats before they turn into fully-blown infections. It works around the clock to close vulnerabilities and mitigate exploits. It blocks incoming attacks, botnet traffic, Command & Control server communication and it also prevents data leakage. Anywhere in the world, no matter where your endpoint is.

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