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SECURITY ALERT: New Fake Subpoena Phishing Campaign Spotted, Installing Predator

The malicious campaign installs Predator the Thief info stealer. How the fake subpoena phishing campaign works.

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New Microsoft Phishing Campaign Targets Office365 Users

Links to the phishing domains come from compromised accounts (including LinkedIn). How hackers combine tactics in an advanced phishing threat.

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Scam Alert: Digi Phishing Campaign Detected, Asking Credentials for a Prize

A different fake social accounts campaign also used Digi branding. Potential of electoral fraud in addition to financial fraud.

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SECURITY ALERT: Massive Data Leak Revealed the Sensitive Information of Millions of People

What are the Companies Affected and How You Can Protect Yourself

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SECURITY ALERT: GermanWiper Ransomware Erases Your Data Even If You Pay

How the GermanWiper ransomware infects computers. The data is wiped from the start, with no chance of recovery.


SECURITY ALERT: Android Ransomware FileCoder Strain Emerges

Ransomware Locks Local Files in the Device. The Malware Spreads via SMS Messages

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Security Alert: Malvertising campaign using SundownEK drops SEON ransomware

Here’s what happened and how you can protect yourself

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Security Alert: Booking.Com Fake Emails Infect Computers with Sodinokibi Ransomware

Opening attachments will download and run a dangerous GandCrab strain

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Security Alert: Mass Credit Card Stealing Campaign Detected in Online Shops

Over 100 shops infected with malicious scripts. Credit card information stolen over the past 5 months.

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New .NET-based Malware Karkoff Intelligently Adapts to Security Settings

Here’s how the new malware works and how to stay safe

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